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Kick Ass

By Scott Mitchell from Peekskill, NY

Saw them at Paramount in Peekskill 5-19-18. Tremendous sound. Great concert

Spot on!

By Michael Wahlers from East Fishkill, NY

Having not had a chance to see Zeppelin live, you guys made it feel real.
Not only by capturing the music exactly, but I felt like I was actually watch Robert Plant due to the masterful replication of his poses, movements and overall body language. Spot on! Thanks guys!

Rocked it!

By Lee Ellen Gorman from East Islip, NY

Saw you at Boulton last night 3/3/2018 - I have followed you guys for a few years now, back when it was just the 4 piece Hammer of the Gods. Zeppelin Complete is excellent! Love the added 2 musicians - really makes the sound have more depth. Musicians are spot on, vocals very realistic. Drummer on Moby Dick is simply unmatched by any other Zepp tribute band. Lead guitarist is amazing. I am a veritable groupie! Hope to see you all again soon!

Great night at Ridgefield!

By Dog from Fairfield Ct

My wife and I enjoyed the show 9/23/17 in Ridgefield Ct. First time seeing the band, won't be last! Thanks for entertaining evening!

The Band Brings It

By Steve Davies from Medford, NY

I have seen the band a few times at different venues and the music is always spot on. Look forward to seeing them again in October at the PTPA.

awesome in waterbury ct

By ric from waterbury,ct

I went to this show with my girlfriend on 2/18/17 and can say that they put on the most realistic show of led zeppelin that i ever say. Realistic from the vocals to the instrumentals. The drummer was awesome on moby dick, hats off to him and the vocalist on the highs of robert plants voice was amazing. Anyway look forward to seeing them again.

Great Opening show!!!!

By Jeff from Medford, NY

Just came back from Zeppelin Complete's first show ever at Patchogue/Medford Theater. The show was awesome. 8-10:30pm. No frills, no nonsense. No outfits or wigs, etc. These are experienced musicians. 6 piece band. Tight and clean. They can play note for note, and did, but werent afraid to jam out as well, like zep used to do. Also through in some "deep tracks". Crowd enjoyed it. Im happy I was there.
Excellent job Gentlemem. Good luck on your endeavors.

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